Kevin Rudd, the UN, and the politics of the election of the Secretary-General

News broke last week that the Australian Government would not nominate Kevin Rudd for the office of Secretary-General of the United Nations – a piece on the Conversation by Co-Director of SCIL, Dr Emily Crawford, looks at the process of being put forward for the top job:

SCIL Members at the ANZSIL 2016 Conference

A number of SCIL members, including Professor Ben Saul, Professor Chester Brown, Professor Mary Crock, Ms Irene Baghoomians, Dr Malcolm Jorgensen, and Dr Emily Crawford, as well as other Sydney Law School colleagues such as Associate Professor Ed Couzens, participated in the 24th Annual ANZSIL Conference. SCIL members Professor Tim Stephens and Professor Vivienne Bath were also involved, in their capacities as ANZSIL President and Conference Panel Chair respectively – the program can be found here:

Can there really be a King in the North? Secession, Self-Determination, and Game of Thrones

This Sunday we’ll see the final of Season 6 of Game of Thrones.
One of Sydney Law School’s international law students, Sam Murray, wrote a thoughtful piece for the Sydney Uni student newspaper, Honi Soit last year, about whether Robb Stark’s secession from Westeros was lawful under international law – have a read:
Sam was a member of the superstar team of students who won the Jessup Cup in 2015. Maybe Daenerys Targaryen should put him on retainer…